BellaStoria is a vegan company and we don’t use any leather or animal-derived materials in the production of our shoes.

Below is a little introduction of materials we are currently using for our shoes.


Hemp Fibre - Canvas

The hemp fibre Is highly protective as it filters 95% of ultraviolet rays. Has considerable absorption power and easily disperses the moisture of the body and also a thermostatic effect that allows to develop a kind of "natural coibenza" which makes it possible to perceive a feeling of freshness in summer and warm in winter, creating an optimal microclimate body without causing bacterial proliferation, and often causing bad smells.

Nettle Fibre  

Nettle is a vegetable fibre and due to its high resistance to pathogens and herbicidal properties, its cultivation does not require the use of herbicides and anti-parasites. From the cortex is obtained the textile fibre, with the inside it is made of cellulose for extremely valuable paper. His fibre is long, shiny, soft, uniform, strong to twist and elastic, as opposed to other fibres, its strength increases with the spend some time. And has also lots of properties: anti-static, non-allergic, resistant and has good absorption capacity.  For these aspects we love to use it for our shoes, for his naturalness, breathability, softness, and able to give freshness to our feet.


Our Cork Material comes from Sardinia - Italy, and we love use it due to the its malleability, softness and breathability. Ideal for summer and winter shoes. Very durable and easy to clean in different variants: natural, printed and dark color.

Ecological Microfibre

Microfibre is a like a skin-tight material and the feel is light, breathable, water repellent, wear-resistant and non-allergenic. By using these materials, you save animal lives and respect the environment.

Dinamica - PET Recycled

The recycled polyester contained in Dinamica® comes from polyester fabrics (T-shirts, fabrics, etc.) and PET (bottles, plastic, etc.), the touch is similar to suede. This process means reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by 80% when compared to the traditional oil-producing polyester production process, and also 100% recyclable at the end of its use. 

Reused and Recycled materials

Scraps of cotton fabric, upholstery, seat belts, airbags, all recovered waste to give new life and new originality to our vegan shoes.