We know really well what are you looking for: It's the same for us.If you are looking for a Stylish, Comfortable and especially Vegan and Vegetarian Shoes, without leather, thought in the respect of our animal friends, CRUELTY FREE, respecting our environment, and produced under FAIR WORKING conditions, BellaStoria Vegan shoes is Your choice. Our staff is fully Vegan. You can be sure, you'll have a Vegan shoes and you'll help improve the Planet.

Applying the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in the shoes manufacturing is possible and really important to do!


We hand make shoes, with Love, in a small familiar Italian company in Tuscany (Italy), from hand cutting, sewing and assembly, supporting also small artisans and using cruelty free materials made in Italy, too. We love shoes, we love fashion and three years ago, when we found difficult to find shoes with no animal origin, we tried. And BellaStoria Vegan was born. We try to combine our style with the search for innovative materials, to combine the Italian craftsmanship with the comfort of our shoes, to create a vegan shoes, comfortable, breathable and fashion, full of style.


We choose only Cruelty Free materials, such as Ecological Microfibre breathable and water resistant, natural fabrics like as Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Stinging Nettle, Reused Materials like Tapestries or Vintage Clothes, Recycled Airbags, Recycled Seatbelts...

Also for the lining, we use a really breathable natural fabrics, like Linen, Organic Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo.

While we make many shoes, we only make exactly what you want, on-demand, one at a time, reducing the number of mass-produced product that goes to landfill each year.


Natural Insoles to improve the breathability of the shoes, such Eucalyptus and Linen insole or vegetal latex hemp and linen. This particular insole gives support throughout the foot, also favors the correct posture during any activity. This materials absorbs moisture and gives comfort along the entire length of the foot.


We make your shoes for you when you order, so we're never out of stock. When you click “buy” your order starts to print out in our very own factory. Our cobblers review your design, and make your pair, just for you. Because there is no middle man, there are no middle man prices. And we’ll even have shipped them in 2 weeks (or you can ask us for 1 week express if your feet just can’t wait).

We make sizes from 2UK to 15UK.


Take a look of our collection BellaStoria Vegan Shoes, and remember that you can also Customize your Shoes and use for each model on our BellaStoria Online shop, the materials, the colors, can choose everything!

Now you have no excuses to leave ordinary shoes and become vegan shoes addicted... 

Vegan shoes, vegetarian shoes, animal free shoes save lives!

BellaStoria Vegan and Vegetarian Shoes - Made in Italy to worldwide  Made with Love